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Canscora decussata (Shankhapushpi)

Biological Name:
Canscora decussata (Shankhapushpi):


Other Names:
Kambumalini, Shankhini, Shankhaphuli, Shankhapushpi, Dankuni, Cansjan-cora.

The plant is indigenous to Burma and India. Common in waste places and hedges throughout the tropical parts of India ascending up to 1350 m.

Additional Info:
It is seethveeryam (cold), tikta (bitter), medya (brain tonic) improves memory and voice, used in treatment of mental weakness.

Active Components:
The phytoconstituents, such as phenolic compounds, xanthones, and triterpenoids were isolated from different parts of the plant.

Elements Applied:
Each plant's part, but primarily the juice, is applied in herbal medicine

Used For:
The herb is known to boost metabolic rates and treat nervous disorders. It is a nervine tonic useful in nervous debility, insanity, epilepsy and improves memory.

It acts as an alterative, laxative and helps in treating scrofula.

Preparation and Intake:
The herb is commonly used in form of paste, powder, decoction, infusion, and juice.

3-6 masha (3-6 gm) per day can be taken safely (Bhavaprakasha Nighantu). Exercise care. Herbs in Ayurvedic medicine are commonly mixed with other herbal medicines to reduce the toxic effect one of them may produce on the body.