Glossary: Ayurveda Guna (Physical Properties)

Guna – (Physical properties)

  1. Drava (Fluidity): That pervades the entire body.
  2. Guru (Heaviness): Which can induce the feeking of heaviness, dullness and fatigue and increase the quality of waste products and also impairs digestive functions.
  3. Kathina (Hardness): Which causes stiffness and firmness of the body and excites Vata.
  4. Khara (roughness): Leads to emaciation, retards formation of waste products and aggravates Vata.
  5. Laghu (Lightener): Which leads to lightness (finness) of the body and help in digestion.
  6. Manda (Dullness): Acts slowly and pacifies deranged dosha
  7. Mridu (Softness): Means soft and loose on touch in relation to body tissues, stimulates Kapha and depress Vata nad Pitta.
  8. Picchila (Sliminess): Makes the object slimy, increases body weight, promotes fracture and wound healing and stimulates excretory system.
  9. Ruksha (Rough, Dryness): Which induces uncomfortable feeling in the body, acts against Kapha but promotes Vata, reduces vigour, virility and libido.
  10. Sandra (Solidity): Which nourishes the body.
  11. Sara (Mobility): Which stimulates excretory system.
  12. Sheeta (Cold): Which produces cooling effect, promotes Vata and Kapha but acts against Pitta, impedes blood flow and reduces syncope.
  13. Shlakshana (Smoothness): Promotes tissue synthesis, increases Kapha and Pitta and stimulates formation of excretory products.
  14. Snigdha (Slimy, Unctutous): Which produces soothing effect of the body, acts against Vata and promotes Kapha and eliminates waste products.
  15. Sthira (Immobility): Which renders the physiological functions normal and regular.
  16. Sthoola (Bulkness): Not easily digestible, obstructs vessels, tubes and channels of the body.
  17. Sukshma (Minuteness): Which penetrates through all parts of the body and stimulates Vata.
  18. Tikshna (Sharpness): Sharp, highly potent, removes morbidity, promotes Pitta and works against Vata and Kapha
  19. Ushna (Hot): Which increases body temperature, induces thirst, promotes Pitta but acts against Vata and Kapha, improves blood circulation, increases the amount of urine, excreta and sweat, stimulates appetite and digestive functions.
  20. Vishada (Clarity): Which removes sliminess, promotes Vata and heals ulcers.