Why Not Saffron

Why has Saffron (Keshar) not been added?

Crocus sativus (Keshar, Saffron) has not been added to this tea because of its stimulating action on the central nervous system. It is an aphrodisiac as it increases sexual desires. It also acts as an aromatic, stomachic; slightly anondyne, antispasmodic, emmanogogue and in overdoses it is a narcotic poison.

It contains three principle crystalline matters a-crocetin (C24H28O5) constitutes 0.7% of saffron, B-crocetin (C25H30O5) constitutes 0.7% of saffron, and Y-crocetin (C26H32O5) constitutes 0.3% of saffron.

In addition it has volatile fatty oil (8 to 13.4%), Crocin-a glucoside, forming 65% of polychroit (picrocrocein), safranine and fixed essential oil (1.37%).